Variations on the Traditional Roulette Game

Like most gambling games that have successfully made the transition to online gaming, the traditional roulette game has gained some new variations. Though each casino could certainly create its own personal take on the game, here are some of the more common variations of online roulette.

European, French and American Roulette

Most of the variations on the traditional roulette game play with a few of the numbers involved. For instance, in European Roulette, there are 37 available slots with the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero space. The American version of the game also has the numbers 1 to 36, but instead of just one zero space, there's another double zero space as well. This small change can greatly affect the odds involved in several bets. French Roulette is the same as European roulette with just a single additional rule: if the ball lands on zero, instead of everyone losing their bets, everyone gets half their money back. And what's better than a French casino to play French roulette, right? Casino Mona will treat you like royalty and reward you with huge free money bonus deals for various roulette games. So make sure to visit them and join the winners club.

Mini Roulette

Another roulette variation shrinks the entire game down to just a third of its regular size. Instead of numbers 1 to 36, mini roulette only has numbers 1 to 12, plus the zero. The odds on this game are much higher for straight up bets, but the house edge is also much higher. That means, even though players have the potential to win more often, they often end up paying more to the house.

Any of these fun roulette variants can challenge players in new and unexpected ways. Players should check them out and see if they like them better than the traditional form of the game.